Tune in weekday nights at 8:00pm for a new track each day and on Friday night to hear all four songs for the week.  All four songs will battle it out each week for the right to rock for another week.


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Bad Omens "The Death Of Piece Of Mind"






One per 24 hours / Voting ends Friday at Midnight

Winner moves on to following week ( 4 week limit )








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Disturbed "Bad Man"

Dearly Departed "Heartless"

Divide The Fall "Without You"

Perfectly Still "Up In Flames"

Perfectly Still "Up In Flames"

Perfectly Still "Up In Flames"

Perfectly Still "Up In Flames"

Linkin Park "Lost"

Lovebites "Judgement Day"

Skillet "Psycho In My Head"

Extreme "Rise"

Buckcherry "Good Time"

From Ashes To New "Hate Me Too"

Mammoth WVH "Another Celebration..."

Metallica "72 Seasons"

Zahna "This Is Your Calling

Ghost "Jesus He Knows Me"

Saving Abel "Baptize Me"

Set It Off "Punching Bag"

Bad Omens "The Death Of Piece Of Mind"

Bad Omens "The Death Of Piece Of Mind"

Bad Omens "The Death Of Piece Of Mind"



Black Stone Cherry "Nervous"

The Hu "Black Thunder" feat. Serj Tankian & DL)

Filter "Face Down"




Perfectly Still "Up In Flames"

Halestorm "Wicked Ways"

Icon For Hire "Ready For Combat"

AEIR "Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em"

Hearts And Hand Grenades "Bad Medicine"

Stormbreaker "Never Again"

Vajra "Crown Or Crucify"

Lowerline "Heavy Waters"

Modern Mimes "Seek And Hide"

Crashing Wayward "Breathe"

Earshot “Been A Long Time”

Neon Coven "Dead To Me"

A Fall To Break "The Star That I'll Become"

Twiztid "Rose Petal"

Discrepancies "Blame Me"

Whiskey Myers "Die Rockin'"

Farewell To Fear "I Won't Be Your Tragedy"

Another Day's Armor "Underneath"

The Issue "Look At Me Now"

Ignite The Fire "Echoes"

Capital Sons "Fugitive"

Take The Day "Take Everything"

Core "Tonight"

Escape The Fate "Broken Heart"

Shaman's Harvest "Devil In Our Wake"

Fozzy "Painless"

Fire Fight "Voices"

Deadset Society "Automatic"

Doll Skin "Daughter"

Shallow Side "Start A Fire"

Never Say Never "Trust Fall"

Deadset Society "Like A Nightmare"

Neon Coven "Bleeding Love"

KXM "Scatterbrain"

Badflower "Animal"

Dead Horse Trauma "Left Unsaid"

Adelitas Way "Ready For War"

3 Pill Morning "Electric Chair"

From Ashes To New "Lost And Alone"

Saliva "Tragic Kind Of Love"

Romantic Rebel "Too Far"

Sin City Escape "White Flag"

Doll Skin "Family Of Strangers"

September's Rest "Survive"

Murder F. M. "We The Evil"

Awaken The Empire "Cross My Heart"

Ages Apart "Civil War"

Sin City Escape "Running To You"

Fall To June "Delta Breakdown"

10 Years "Miscellanea"

Cold Kingdom "Let It Burn"

Half Past My Sin "Crutch"

Gabriel And The Apocalypse "Until We Dream"